Saturday, January 28, 2017

Bandarban; an emerging tour-spot of Bangladesh.

Right now the name of a district in Bangladesh is none other a hilly district in the country; this is a brand with several tourist spot and attraction to the people of the country. Even huge number of foreigners often go there to visit its natural beauty and different types of culture. The name of this district is Bandarban.

Cloudy Hill of Bandarban
Bandarban is one the hilly(parbottyo) district amongst three districts of Riverine Bangladesh. This district creates a great appeal by its natural beauty and appearance in the various season in a year. The highest pick of the country Tajindong located there. Every year more than one and a half crore tourist visited there. Amongst them, a quality number of young aged tourist go there to track down Bengals highest picks. The government of Bangladesh takes various development projects for promoting its attraction to the visitor. People of that area with different culture and tradition living side by side with communal harmony. Moreover, the political situation of the district amongst political parties is well enough for not being unrest. Rapid improvement of the transportation system of that area fulfilling its timely demand situation. Both governmental and private initiatives taken for the development of Bandarban creating its gradual attraction to the tourists. 

Tour prone people must visit Bandarban to enjoy its beauty.
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Monday, January 23, 2017

Inaugaration of 'Zero Point Group', Bangladesh.

This is my very first post for my own blog-spot site specially created for my dream project 'Zero Point Group', Bangladesh.

So welcome you all with my new hi-tech reachable project for my company 'Zero Point Group'. This group is consisting of my projects Zero Point Construction firm, Zero Point Hatchery, Zero Point Tea Garden, Zero Point Tree Plantation, Zero Point Fishery, Zero Point Resort, Zero Point Transportation, Zero Point Logistics, Zero Point Event etc.
So be cool and connected with our upcoming project.